The Art of Lokesh



This site is an extension of spiritual practice. To share in a journey through art is a map. Mapping a journey through different symbolic lives and deaths to create a mosaic of a path, or “Do” (road). This path may be unknown to some or familiar territory to others but to share glimpses of ourselves in the night and day of our existence provides windows into our common path we experience. Ultimately we evolve and merge once again into that greater cosmic entity. Each moment dissolves into the other. These pages capture glimpses of time on that journey, the growth, death and reincarnation of a soul, through countless lives, in countless worlds, through infinite time in an infinite universe.

Arts deepest purpose is to raise consciousness toward the divine. When we shift our awareness to the ideational point the individual ” I ” dissolves into the cosmic ” I ” uncovering the vastness of self or the authentic creator. Inside us dwells the greatest living artist, the ultimate orchestrator. G.O.D: Generator, Operator and Destroyer. When the individual idea of self is merged with that of the creators the artist becomes authentic truth. Keeping the channels clear through proper lifestyle, spiritual practice and diet may qualify the artist for his true mission; a clear channel and messenger of truth.

These artworks endevour to hold that space and provide inroads to awakening our anahata being, our second birth, the opening to the infinite.

    ” Art for arts sake” is not acceptable; rather the expression should be, Art for service and blessedness.”

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

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Images on this site may be used on your website if you give reference to the artist and For all other uses please contact for written permission from the artist (c) copyright, Lokesh 2013.